MODELDEF Generator - Generate FrameIndex lines easily!

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MODELDEF Generator - Generate FrameIndex lines easily!

Post by Cherno »
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MODELDEF Generator is a tool that generates MODELDEF FrameIndex lines for GZDoom MODELDEF entries. The main reason it was written came from the need to automatically generate hundreds or even thousands of FrameIndex lines for model-based actors that have not only large amounts of frames, but could also consist of multiple submodels (previously up to four, now virtually an unlimited amount).

Using the application:
Click the large rectangular button at the bottom to copy all content of the text window on the right side to the clipboard. You may then paste the text directly into your MODELDEF entry.
Each time you change one of the settings, the generated FrameIndex lines will update. An error message will show if your settings do not result in proper FrameIndex lines.

1. Sprite - The four-letter name of the sprite, such as "POSS" for a ZombieMan.
2. Sprite Frame Start / End - The sprite frame letter, from A-Z and [\], to use for the first and last frame. Note that you have to use the backslash \ character here, but use the caret ^ character in the actor's ZScript definition.
3. Models - The number of models, or submodels, the actor model consists of.
4. Model Frames Start / End - The first and last frames of the model.
5. Model Frames - The total number of frames of the model.
6. Tabbed lines - All lines include one tabulator stop so they can be neatly inserted into a MODELDEF entry.
7. Tabbed submodels - All FrameIndex lines for models with a model index greater than 0 have one tabulator stop added for better readability.
8. Lines between frames - Inserts empty lines between frames. Useful for large numbers of submodels.
9. Lock model frames - All model frame indices are set to 0. Only used in very specific cases, for example when a non-animated model, like a plane, is used to display a different skin every actor frame (See next setting).
10. Insert "Skin 0" lines - A Skin line is inserted before each actor frame, with the skin name based on the current frame. Like #9, this is only used in very specific cases.
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Re: MODELDEF Generator - Generate FrameIndex lines easily!

Post by edypagaza »

nice tool cherno
downloading it now

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