Eduke32 mod support

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Eduke32 mod support

Post by MattTheCoolGuy »

hey will be there eduke32 mod support? i am waiting the answer.
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Re: Eduke32 mod support

Post by Enjay »

Was this post you: viewtopic.php?f=343&t=72937&p=1196153 ?

If so, the answer is there.
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Re: Eduke32 mod support

Post by Gez »

The best one can reasonably hope for is for a few handpicked EDuke32 features to be ported when it makes sense to do so (e.g., the recently added support for indexed hightiles which allows to load the Enhanced Resource Pack). But that'll never be enough to claim support for EDuke32 mods.

If you want to play EDuke32 mods, you'll have to play them in EDuke32! :)

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