Improve the MIDI device selection.

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Improve the MIDI device selection.

Post by yum13241 »

As of now, the current one is horrible. Let's say I'm on fluidsynth, and want to change to OPL. This means I have to switch between a bunch, including the slow ones, like MS GS WS, LibADl, and libOPN, which is extremely annoying. A better way would be like the way it shows the MIDI device specific configs in GZDoom. Once you click on a specific MIDI device, it will start, rather than having to spam the mouse button and go through the slow ones mentioned earlier.

What I mean:

The current (and horrible) system: ... 134859.png

What we can use in place of the old and horrible system: ... 135119.png

Some modifications would be needed for this to work:

Allow the user to select any MIDI device, like the current system.
Make the title "MIDI Device" to not confuse users.

Edit:NO, I'm NOT on Windows 98. It's just a skin. I'm on W10.

Edit: In case y'all don't know what I mean, I mean to make the MIDI device scroll through list a menu, like the MIDI device config menu, whith the appropriate changes.

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