Raze 1.0.3 released

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Raze 1.0.3 released

Post by Graf Zahl »

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher required Visit the new homepage (still under construction)


This is a bugfix release addressing two serious regressions in 1.0.2:
  • screen fades had lost their color and were always black
  • Vehicle control in RRRA was broken

  • SW: the intro's sound may not be paused when the menu opens.
  • delete the "New savegame" node before starting work on the savegame. This caused an off-by-one issue in the displayed list.
  • Exhumed: Make `SB_CENTERVIEW` work properly when `cl_syncinput 1` is set.
  • RRRA: Fix bad vehicle speed clamp change from e79c6bacd34ba5308523d895b34e37205584d2fb.
  • Exhumed: When returning to center after going up/down stairs etc (slope tilting), don't use the backend's aim/look up/down return to center code as it's slower.
  • RFS compatibility with GDX: The outermost path component can be left out.
  • allow specifying a .def file in GAMEINFO. This will be loaded on top of the regular .def files and not replace them.
  • fixed: the fullscreen color blends did not set their command's screenFade member. Since this remained 0, those blends lost their color.

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