reTNT - TNT Evilution Rework

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Drake Raider
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reTNT - TNT Evilution Rework

Post by Drake Raider »

When I was but a lad, TNT was always my favorite of the main iwads, because all I had was PRBoom, and I wasn't good enough to play plutonia yet. I loved the thick atmosphere that maps like Wormhole, Habitat (I know...), and Prison had. I also loved how open maps like Crater, Nukage Processing (possibly my favorite official map at the time) and Dead Zone had.

However, TNT was rough. And as my taste evolved, so did my understanding of what made a map good. (Though my affection for Habitat certainly explains why my mapping skill took awhile....)

Recently I discovered the Dean of Doom and his reviews, and while I don't agree with him on every single point, I found his thought process fair and his attitude refreshing among critics, and decided to take notes on his review of TNT. As an experiment, I decided to mess around with the base TNT levels and see if I could remix them to feel a little closer to the polish of Plutonia.

I wanted very much to keep this under wraps until I had finished it, but I realized that I needed feedback, and a full megawad requires a level of feedback that is far too much to ask someone to just run through for you. So I decided I'll release it here, early. I don't know how long it'll take to finish, but I have plans for a variety of things before I consider it done.

Screenshots are here:
More will be uploaded as I complete it, but I want to keep my favorite bits as spoilers, this is more of a sampling of some of the changes.

Some notes before the link:

Here's the link
, try it out and let me know what you think: ... sp=sharing

Lastly, for people who really insist on Pistol Starting, here's the maps I changed, so you can skip to them. If you'd prefer a single segment, like myself, avoid this section!
Any maps not in this list I haven't had time. I've been prioritizing based on what maps need it the most, and what will take the most time to fix. (need most/easiest to fix = Done sooner)
Let me know, of course, what you think!
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Doomed C-thun
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Re: reTNT - TNT Evilution Rework

Post by Doomed C-thun »

Just downloaded this, I'll check it out and tell you what I think about the general quality :p
Regarding screenshots and what you said, it sound interesting to me.
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Re: reTNT - TNT Evilution Rework

Post by WolVexus »

TNT needs more appreciation for real (Map27 in particular is my absolute favorite map not only out of TNT but out of all the commercial WADs. No, I'm not kidding).

I'll gladly give any TNT WAD a go :P
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Re: reTNT - TNT Evilution Rework

Post by BerserkerNoir »

This looks interesting, but the link is down.
Any chances for a Re-upload?

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