Doom Eternal gun/world sounds for Doom2

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Doom Eternal gun/world sounds for Doom2

Post by DarkQuill »

What It Is

Just a quick thrown together Wad that changes all weapon and most world sounds to ones from Doom Eternal.

A few non-vocal monster sounds have been replaced (eg, scratch noise, Revenant swing/punch, Cyber/Spider stomps), but otherwise the calls stay the same so you can still identify demons by ear. Doesn't change Keen for Wads that have custom Keen replacements. As a bonus, also changes the Secret sound for sourceports that have that.

Also included in the zip is a "Low Quality" version with all the sounds converted to ye' ol 1993 sound quality, because it's fun and less than half a meg.

The Download Link ...

Total file size is a whopping 2.08MB.

The Behind The Scenes

This is a straight-up replacement Wad, because the way sounds are put together in Doom Eternal are really complex, and variations of shooting sounds and stuff would require multiple mixes instead of just multiple conversions. Files are extracted as OGG, but need to be converted to OPU or you can't even listen to them. I don't have an OPU converter, so these are re-recorded in WMA via Windows Sound Recorder (only the highest quality tools here), and then put into Doom-compatible .WAV files. Then a second time for the LQ ones. Hoo!


This should be compatible with everything. If there's any errors or whatnot, please let me know. Might upload a vid some time later, unless someone else would like to instead.
Have fun!
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Re: Doom Eternal gun/world sounds for Doom2

Post by onContentStop »

This is cool, and even works on Crispy Doom! Some of the sounds made me laugh when I recognized them.
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Re: Doom Eternal gun/world sounds for Doom2

Post by TheVanessii »

I didn't know I needed this mod until now, great stuff! :D
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Re: Doom Eternal gun/world sounds for Doom2

Post by Skrell »

Can't wait to try this!!
I assume this doesn't change any monster sounds themselves? Like the sound the floating skulls make as an example?

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