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How do I...?

Post by Doom »

Hey, is there a way I can switch a predeterminated number for the FOV function with a single button just as I can with chasecam?.
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Post by Ultraviolet »

bind [key] "FOV [number]"
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Post by Doom »

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Kappes Buur
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Post by Kappes Buur »

to save you the trouble to search the forum for FOV, here is a comprehensive answers by Biff in an earlier thread:
Biff wrote:
Willis wrote:yeah after serching for a while i found that the FOV cvar basically is zoom..
Most people use a zoom alias. An alias is a string of one or more commands which you can bind to a key and one logical place to put your aliases is in a text file named autoexec.cfg, which zdoom will read each time it starts up if it finds that file in its directory.

Basically you want to set the FOV smaller, like 20, and accordingly reduce the mouse sensitivity while zoomed. Zooming back out should reset the sensitivity to your normal setting. Try something like this:

bind kp0 +zoomin
alias +zoomin "fov 20;mouse_sensitivity .25"
alias -zoomin "fov 90;mouse_sensitivity 1"

When zdoom loads this alias from autoexec.cfg, I can press the keypad 0 key for a temporary zoom in, and it zooms back out when I release the key. Aliases can also be set to toggle the zoom with repeated key presses.

You'll probably find that these mouse sensitivities are not right for you, just query your current setting (type mouse_sensitivity in the console, hit enter, read the value) and use that in place of the 1 above. Divide by about 4, or whatever you like, for the other value.

Here's one I used to try for some advantage in deathmatch (didn't help me much, heh):

bind kp1 fov100
alias fov100 "fov 100;echo fov 100;bind kp1 fov110"
alias fov110 "fov 110;echo fov 110;bind kp1 fov120"
alias fov120 "fov 120;echo fov 120;bind kp1 fov90"
alias fov90 "fov 90;echo fov 90;bind kp1 fov100"

This just toggles the FOV from my default of 90 to 100, 110 and 120 with repeated key presses.

And below is the alias I used back when I played dm on zdaemon and hosted the rarefiles servers. I could take some good screenshots with it and in fact it's how I got the screenie which doomworld uses as one of their forum images...the red player being fragged in dcdwango map3.

//This alias takes one screenshot per trigger push
alias +firepic "+attack"
alias -firepic "-attack;screenshot"

//This makes sure you start the game with screenshots off
bind mouse1 +attack

//This is the key you use to toggle the screenshot alias on and off
bind / picon

//These toggle automatic screenshots using the above key
alias picon "bind mouse1 +firepic;echo screenshots on;bind / picoff"
alias picoff "bind mouse1 +attack;echo screenshots off;bind / picon"

Edit: In fact, for your viewing pleasure, here is the screenie showing all of the Christmas holiday mayhem a few years ago, a 4-player game with frags coming almost as fast as the players could respawn: ... OM0021.pcx
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Post by Nanami »

I use a modified version of Enjay's script:

Code: Select all

alias zoom1x "fov 100; m_pitch 1; m_yaw 1; echo 1x zoom; set r_drawplayersprites 1; bind R zoom2x"

alias zoom2x "fov 50; m_pitch .5; m_yaw .5; echo 2X zoom; set r_drawplayersprites 0; bind R zoom4x"

alias zoom4x "fov 25; m_pitch .25; m_yaw .25; echo 4X zoom; set r_drawplayersprites 0; bind R zoom10x"

alias zoom10x "fov 10; m_pitch .1; m_yaw .1; echo 10X zoom; set r_drawplayersprites 0; bind R zoom1x"
Hitting R switches between all my views and changes my mouse sensitivity accordingly.
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Post by Doom »

That's gonna help alot!, thanks! :D

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