If the first value in OptionString is empty, INF is assigned

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If the first value in OptionString is empty, INF is assigned

Post by m8f »

If the first value in OptionString pair list is an empty string (""), Option entry with this OptionString displays "Unknown" and assigns "INF" to a corresponding CVar.

This issue is not critical. The workaround is simple: make the entry with an empty string not first.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Load option-string-empty-string.pk3.
  2. Open Options menu. There are two option fields on the bottom: "This works" and "This doesn't work".

    Expected result: the value in "This doesn't work" option is either "empty" or "text".
    Actual result: the value is "Unknown".
  3. Change value of "This doesn't work" option.

    Expected result: the value switches between "empty" and "text", CVar value switches between "" and "text".
    Actual result: the value remains "Unknown", CVar value becomes "INF". The displayed text on "This works" option becomes "Unknown" too.
The contents of option-string-empty-string.pk3:

Code: Select all

OptionString this_works
  "text" , "text"
  ""     , "empty"

OptionString this_does_not_work
  ""     , "empty"
  "text" , "text"

AddOptionMenu OptionsMenu
  Option "This works"        , bug_empty_string, this_works
  Option "This doesn't work" , bug_empty_string, this_does_not_work

Code: Select all

user string bug_empty_string = "text";
Edit: GZDoom 4.4.2.
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