Resurrected monster is not friendly (gzdoom-x64-g4.4pre-39-)

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Resurrected monster is not friendly (gzdoom-x64-g4.4pre-39-)

Post by yura_111 »

If I resurrect a dead monster, then in some cases it is not friendly. This happens in conjunction with the use of “A_Die” and “RandomSpawner" and possibly something else.

(Actor "DoomedSpaceMarineGreen3" for resurrect)
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Re: Resurrected monster is not friendly (gzdoom-x64-g4.4pre-

Post by Rachael »

Just to ensure there is no confusion - what is the behavior you are expecting here?

Remember that the resurrected monster takes on the +FRIENDLY status of the archvile/creature that resurrects it - not its original +FRIENDLY state.

Re: Resurrected monster is not friendly (gzdoom-x64-g4.4pre-

Post by Guest »

In a normal situation, a resurrected monster becomes friendly (if a player resurrect it). But in this situation, the resurrected monster is not friendly until you kill it and again resurrect. Even the forced setting of the flag "Friendly" through the function "A_ChangeFlag" does not give a result.

For Example:
Summon "DeadMarineSpawnPoint" and try resurrect it

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