Tags for vanilla key items

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Tags for vanilla key items

Post by Marisa the Magician »

Wasn't sure whether to put this here or report it as a bug, but yeah. Vanilla key items have no tags, so you get stuff like "YellowCard" or "KeyCave" when you try to pretty-print them. Most if not all other items have tags, however.
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Re: Tags for vanilla key items

Post by Rachael »

Okay so I know this is 20 months old but this one is moderately important, I think.

This one will be a bit of work to complete because the tags will all have to be exported to the language file, and then we will have to get the names all translated.

We can begin the process now, but that obviously means a lot of translations will not be done in time for the release.

However, if you want that done anyway I can open this one and get at least the English translations onto the spreadsheet for it.
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Graf Zahl
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Re: Tags for vanilla key items

Post by Graf Zahl »

Most of the tag names can be extracted from the pickup messages, provided that you know the grammar of the language. So, someone has to start putting the texts in. The actual implementation will be done after 4.6.0, of course.

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