[Fixed] 4.2.3 Crash related to FindLump/ReadLump?

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4.2.3 Crash related to FindLump/ReadLump?

Postby Nash » Mon Oct 21, 2019 12:52 pm

Steps to reproduce:

Download Nash's Gore Mod v1.0 -> https://www.moddb.com/downloads/start/1 ... Fdownloads

Download Smooth Doom BLUDTYPE lump for nashgore -> download/file.php?id=35755

Load them in the above order (nashgore.pk3 -> nashgore-smoothdoom-BLUDTYPE.pk3)

Start a new game and get into a map.

Sorry I don't have any more information other than "it used to work, now it crashes".

The lump reading script is in zscript/NashGoreHandler.zc. Pasting it here for convenience (but if you need to see the whole thing, just look in the mod, it'd be too much stuff to post in a single post):

Code: Select allExpand view

    void BuildBloodTypes

int lump = -1;
        while (-
!= (lump Wads.FindLump('BLUDTYPE'lump 1)))
String data Wads.ReadLump(lump);

// split lines

// strip comments
for (int i 0lines.Size(); i++)
                if (
lines[i].IndexOf("//") == 0)

// [lolhack] remove the last line because it's usually blank
            //bloodTypes.Delete(bloodTypes.Size() - 1, 1);

//Console.Printf("size: %d", bloodTypes.Size());
for (int i 0bloodTypes.Size(); i++)
// delete that weird character that gets added at the end
bloodTypes[i].Truncate(bloodTypes[i].Length() - 1);

            if (bloodTypes[i])
                Console.Printf("%s\n", bloodTypes[i]);
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Re: 4.2.3 Crash related to FindLump/ReadLump?

Postby _mental_ » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:42 am

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