[Fixed] Constants can be passed to "out" arguments, causes crashes

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Constants can be passed to "out" arguments, causes crashes

Postby phantombeta » Mon Oct 21, 2019 7:55 am

You can pass constant values to "out" arguments. Once the function call happens, this causes a crash. (Both with the VM and the JIT)
Passing a constant to an out parameter should error out. Mostly putting this here so I don't forget it.

Example code:
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class BEPlayerBase : DoomPlayer
   private void CheckCursorMovement(out int maxWidth, int maxHeight)
      Console.Printf ("%d", maxWidth);

   vector2 SomeGridCoords;

   override void Tick()
      int buttons = player.original_cmd.buttons;
      int oldbuttons = player.original_oldbuttons;

      if (buttons & BT_ATTACK)
         CheckCursorMovement(5, 5);

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