Textures/Decorations not appearing outside of testing

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Textures/Decorations not appearing outside of testing

Post by Guest »

I am attempting to create a full 32 level megawad for DOOM 2, and I have encountered a crippling problem:
If I load an individual map or test build of the wad into GZDoom normally, some textures and one decoration do not load.
I realized quickly that this was due in part to the resources used to make the maps not all being present.
After realizing this, I did two things:

I created a second version of the test build with the textures and decorations from the different wads I was using as sources.
That only partially worked. A COUPLE non-vanilla textures loaded, but others did not.

Tried to create a texture-based PWAD, attempting the same thing as before, just with a separate file.
This worked the same.

The reason this is such a critical problem, is because I have no earthly idea how to fix this. (Note; it all works fine when testing the maps in Doom Builder 2)

For reference, these are the wads I am using as sources, due to some (or several) new textures:
>B4NM (I know, but it has SOME good textures)
>Scythe 2

If anyone can offer a solution to this issue, your help would be heavily appreciated.
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Re: Textures/Decorations not appearing outside of testing

Post by RailedRobin »

As you probably know, all textures used in Doom Builder 2 need to be present in the wad/wad's when you test the map. This means if you're using textures from several different wads, all those wads would need to be loaded during test in GZDoom. OR you need to make a new wad with all the textures you're using, and load that with the map. You say that you did this second step, but it still didn't work. Did you change the texture path in DB2 before testing in GZD? What I mean is that you can't just make a wad with textures and load with the map in GZD, but you need to make sure the textures in DB2 correspond with the correct directory. One way to fix this is to make a texture wad before you start on the map, and use that as source, instead of several different sources.

What I do is use the "load resources from folder" and have a seperate texture folder where I can arrange everything I want. This means I need to make a .pk3 eventually, since I prefer that structure over wads.

Your Doom Builder 2 is loading all the resources, since you've given it the right directories and files, so it knows what textures to load from where. While GZDoom won't know all this info, since it has a different way of reading the files. I hope you understand what I mean by this? And that you need to make sure GZDoom can find your texture paths. Loading several different wads (that contain more than textures) just for textures, isn't really recommended, since they might interfere with each other. But if you take all the textures from those wads, and either put them in a folder or a new wad, it won't be a problem (as long as they're not named the same).

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