Mugshot for Alternate Hud [UPDATED]

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Mugshot for Alternate Hud [UPDATED]

Post by Sotomonte »

I am learning ZScript, so I tried to improve things in this little mod. Now everything works almost like the vanilla mugshot, plus some things. Here is a list of things changed:

- Added the OUCH face.
- Added new weapon pickup grin.
- Added sustained fire angry face.
- Added left/right face for when receiving damage from behind.
- God face when picking up invulnerability sphere.
- Mugshot disappears when picking up invisibility sphere.
- Grinning when enemies are killed.
- Added menu for some options: size (small, medium and large... I think it would be handy when using different resolutions), location (left, right, left top, center top... etc) and transparency (alpha).
- Mugshot changes to random gore sprite when player is gibbed.
- Now everything is in a WAD file unlike before when I packed the graphics and everything in a PK3 file, discovered that was unnecessary. Now it will load the graphics of whatever other WAD files you are using, like in this screenshot I'm using the mugshot sprites from Trailblazer:

Another screenshot...

Download here

Gore sprites are from Smooth Doom
Directional damage formula from Damage Direction Overlay
Mugshot in first screenshot is from Trailblazer

This was intented for use with the Alternate Hud and 4:3 (looks like any other aspect ratio won't align properly at left and right edges), but I think it will work with any other custom HUD.
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Re: Mugshot for Alternate Hud [UPDATED]

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