Trouble with "blackening" dynlight on sectors sides

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Trouble with "blackening" dynlight on sectors sides

Post by Void Weaver »

Hi there.

I made a some kind of Darkness Aura thing, and its visual part are based on reversal dynlight.
But unfortunately the dynlight "darkness" is still unperfect, - it doesn't blackens sector sides which are placed perpendicular to straight light vector:
Meantime the actor-bearer of "dark light" have also one regular purple coloured dynlight. But that purple light also didn't appears as I expect (I wanted something like as lamp in the darkness).^
Instead of that the purple one behaves as the regular dynlight: it highlights only physical planes:
Image Image

So there is 2 questions:
1) Is it possible to blacken cover all planes within "darkness light" radius?
2) Is it possible to force the regular purple dynlight glow inside of "darkness light"? Or it's impossible due engine limitations?
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