Replaced Smallfont with a custom font, linespace problem.

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Replaced Smallfont with a custom font, linespace problem.

Post by DoomeDx »

Hey all,

I recently replaced SMALLFONT with a custom font by making adjustments to SMALLFONT and replacing it with my own font files (Its a total conversion game). Then I used "TEXTURES" to scale it down so everything is shown correctly.

Everything shows up in-game just fine, but it wasn't until I started executing my Dialog function through ACS that problem started to show. There is an huge gap when using "\n" in a script to jump to the next line (see image).

The code that I ran through ACS:

Code: Select all

script "OpenLevel" open {
	dialog("None", "Simple Test", "This is a test to test linespaces. \nThis is the next line!", 10.0);

Function void dialog(str voiceFile, str voiceName, str voiceSubtitle, int voiceTime)
	SetHudSize(640, 480, 0);
	HudMessage(s: voiceName, s:": "; HUDMSG_FADEINOUT, 106, CR_LIGHTBLUE, 60.2, 370.1, voiceTime, 0.1, 0.1);
	HudMessage(s: voiceSubtitle; HUDMSG_FADEINOUT, 105, CR_WHITE, 70.1, 370.1, voiceTime, 0.1, 0.1);

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

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