Trouble with first person models

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Trouble with first person models

Post by TDRR »

I'm creating 3D models in Milkshape 3D, but lining them up with the camera is extremely confusing. I tried using reset view and zooming in, from there i move it so that it looks like it should in game, but it doesn't appear. So i turn it around and it appears but mirrored. Is there any easy way to line them up that doesn't require doing this? I can never get the exact position i want with this method.
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Re: Trouble with first person models

Post by Diode »

Different modelling programs use different coordinate spaces, so while I don't know about milkshape specifically, I can tell you that 0,0,0 is the camera location, so your model should be infront of and below that. In md2 format, 'infront of' means 'positive along the z axis', but pre-export when working in blender, that's '*negative* along the y axis'. I have no idea what it is in Milkshape.

Figure out which axis and direction is which, and remember that 0,0,0 is the center of the camera.

It might help you model a hollow picture frame or something, and get that aligned properly, and use it as a guide for the rest of your models.

If you can take the time to learn blender, I recommend placing a camera at 0,0,0 facing -Y, with a 90 degree field of view and a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio.

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