PCem and DOS guide

ZDoom LE, Pentium 133's, Windows 98, and DOS 3.1 all go here! A bygone era, of particular interest to some folks.
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PCem and DOS guide

Post by drfrag »

I don't think many people here will be interested but i've found a pretty cool guide about 'Using PCem to run your old DOS games'.
PCem is an accurate old hardware emulator where you can choose components to build your own vintage machine and also old OEM models are supported.
For instance i can re-create my own 486s. Requires a relatively fast computer, OS images and computer ROMs.
The emulator supports up to an MMX pentium and win XP but that would require a very fast modern computer.


Edit: now a win95 tutorial @ https://olistutorials.wordpress.com/201 ... -95-games/

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