Hexen 2 PlayerClasses Porting on GZDOOM Zandronum

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Hexen 2 PlayerClasses Porting on GZDOOM Zandronum

Postby TheSpartan94 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:45 pm

Hexen 2 PlayerClasses Porting

This is the official release of the project that I mentioned before with another account and that now i'm really glad to announce.

Yes, what is this mod about?

The mod includes the player classes, part of the second chapter of the Raven Games' saga: Hexen 2. Playerclasses means: movements, attacks, resources needed, and also weapons.
What is peculiar of the project is that it uses actual 3d models animated in MODELDEF.

The project is meant as a resource pk3. Anyone who wants to map and use this classes can freely do it, provided that he gives the right credits to the author.

This is demonstration of the capabilities of the classic Doom ports, that I think I used to most of my knowledge.
Furthermore, this shows that a full porting of the game is indeed possible nowadays (huge amount of work, I know), that is highlighted by a little easter egg I put on the map. (will you be able to find it? 8-) )

Feel free to support, criticize, ask or even actively collaborate with me for new developments!

The releases for downloading are available below in the spoilers in two formats: the beta test release and the resource release, as i already mentioned.
Spoiler: Releases

Here you have some screenshots:
Spoiler: Screenshots


Some tips about the project:

Spoiler: Tips
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Re: Hexen 2 PlayerClasses Porting on GZDOOM Zandronum

Postby zheg » Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:07 pm

woa nice job
id like to learn how to animate 3d models as weapons

im a 3d modeler but idk how to import it to doom
maybe i can help you with something if you help to find some resources
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Re: Hexen 2 PlayerClasses Porting on GZDOOM Zandronum

Postby TheSpartan94 » Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:13 am

I can explain it to you. I'll send you a private message. You 3d modelers are very precious to us.
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