Missing IWADs in the selection screen

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If you want help you're going to have to provide lots of info. Like what is your hardware, what is your operating system, what version of GZDoom/LZDoom/whatever you're using, what mods you're loading, how you're loading it, what you've already tried for fixing the problem, and anything else that is even remotely relevant to the problem.

We can't magically figure out what it is if you're going to be vague, and if we feel like you're just wasting our time with guessing games we will act like that's what you're really doing and won't help you.
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Missing IWADs in the selection screen

Post by oChit »

No idea if this is the correct place to post this, but eh, oh well. If it's the wrong place, then please guide me to where I need to be.

I'd also like to point out that I'm rather inexperienced with this software, so sorry if I seem like a clueless idiot.

So usually GZDoom and Zandronum show that you're able to play Doom, Doom II, TNT Evilution, the other one that I can't remember, Hexen, Strife, and so on. Anyway, a little while ago (probably mid-late December, not too sure) I noticed that both for some reason were only allowing me to select Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife as can be seen in the attached image.

And that's about all I've got for explanation, I don't know why this is happening and I don't know any methods for troubleshooting. If further information is required (which it undoubtedly is), I'll do my best to supply you with it.
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Re: Missing IWADs in the selection screen

Post by Rachael »

First of all - don't use v3.1. That's old and outdated and we won't support it. 3.2.5 is the latest and you should be using that.

Secondly, I think GZDoom's error message when no IWADs at all are found may be helpful:

You can edit the relevant sections in your ini file to find more IWADs.

Thirdly, anything you have purchased and downloaded off of Steam and GOG that GZDoom supports should automatically be detected.

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