heretic/HeXen Monsters in custom DooM wad?

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heretic/HeXen Monsters in custom DooM wad?

Post by Ligmatism »

I am fairly adequate at porting monsters and such across games, but I don't know if it's legal to actually include content (monsters, items, textures, etc.) from games such as HeXen or heretic in a free, custom PWAD intended for DooM. I've seen it in other mods such as HocX (Hordes of Chaos X) and various randomizer mods, but I don't know if the authors got explicit permission from the company or not. If I give credit where credit is due, can I still use the assets from other games, or is it a no-go?
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Re: heretic/HeXen Monsters in custom DooM wad?

Post by wildweasel »

The legal response to this is, no, you can't do that - the license agreements, and other things that we've been told in the past by id Software staff, indicate that you may only use resources - modified or otherwise - in the game they came from. This has had precedent before, with the Quake 2 mod "Generations" getting a notice when they were largely using ripped Quake 1 assets.

The pragmatic response is, to be honest, id Software haven't really bothered taking any legal action against WAD files that use resources borrowed from the other IWADs. You're probably not going to get in any legal trouble about it*, but it's not really a move I can recommend in good conscience, either.

* disclaimer: I am not a lawyer

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