Decorate Armor in Oblige Wads

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Decorate Armor in Oblige Wads

Post by Abashi76 »

I successfully added custom weapons to my Oblige wad.

Why won't the red armor work? I did it before but for some reason it is not working.
actor RedArmor : BasicArmorPickup 5210
inventory.pickupmessage "Picked up the GigaArmor!"
inventory.icon "ARM3A0"
armor.saveamount 300
armor.savepercent 75
ARM3 A 6
ARM3 B 7 bright
I put down the right number for it, just like i did for the custom weapons and ammo. I never had this problem before.

EDIT : Nevermind, i need these weird things that say start and end.
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Re: Decorate Armor in Oblige Wads

Post by ramon.dexter »

Weird things? Markers in wad?

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