Unusual Model Face Clipping (SOLVED)

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Unusual Model Face Clipping (SOLVED)

Post by Exosphere »

In my ongoing attempt to use first person models, I have been able to finally use them correctly (thanks to R4L). Unfortunately I have encountered a rather big error. Some faces on the model are not being culled properly and are clearly visible. The model itself is intact and not missing any polygons/faces. I really have no idea what is wrong, and would like to get input from the wider ZDoom community. The image included shows the error and the faces that are visible are circled in red.
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Re: Unusual Model Face Clipping

Post by Nash »

Model's scale may be too small/too large during export-time. Try messing around with its scale in your model editor then re-export and see what happens.
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Re: Unusual Model Face Clipping

Post by Dark-Assassin »

It's most likely too small. Scale it up by a factor of 10 from absolute 0 of the project's x/y/z coordinates and see how that goes.

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