Inventory Doom (v1.0)

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Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by meatman12 »

So uh.. This is my first post here. Cool.
Anyways, here's a neat little mod I whipped up for Doom called Inventory Doom.
Basically, it turns most items into inventory items that can be used between levels. Obviously, limits have been imposed on how many items you can carry. For instance, you can only carry 2 Medkits (Maybe I should increase it to 3), and 4 Stimpacks (Again, should probably be increased. Here's a list of the items that are now inventory items:

-"Clip" Box
-Shell Box
-Rocket Box
-Cell Pack
-Green Armor
-Blue Armor
-Computer Map
-Night Vision goggles
-Radiation Suit

Some sounds and sprites used from Strife.
I wasn't able to do keycards since it would be hell to code (I tried and failed). Also, really quickly, could somebody tell me how to make a pallet flash when I use an item? I can't figure this out for the life of me.
Download:!ll42VAYZ!sTv8W18a4DqH ... Q7DLJ-wvTU
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by echo4 »


I really enjoyed your mod. In fact, I made a couple changes. I took off backpack because the double ammo capacity wasn't working (and I don't think it made sense to be an inventory item anyway).

I also increased the limits bigtime as well as the ability to carry over the items to the next level.

I added the mega and soul spheres as well.

Here is the link:!5JES0C6I!yguPTkc4UeMM ... EgVjYGHJBw

Notes for everyone:

You should bind keys for prev. inventory item and next inventory item and of course, use inventory item. Normally in the HUD you should see the currently selected item. I use the doom visor mod and when I do next/prev item, it shows about 7 of them at a time.

If you want to tweak this WAD, get slade and edit the INVAMMO entry. To tweak the amounts for example, change the Inventory.MaxAmount and Inventory.InterHubAmount values. Once done, save the INVAMMO which should also save it in the WAD.

Again, thanks for the great mod, it would have been hard to figure that out but having your mod as an example made it very straightforward. I really enjoy playing doom like skyrim where I waltz around with lots of healing potions.
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by echo4 »


I made a second version after playing more that is a bit more tweaked / polished.

First, I made all the 'inter level' amounts for ammo to be 0 and the soul sphere, megasphere, armors, berserk, and invulnerability to be 3. Otherwise I was basically getting infinite ammo and too many items and it wasn't fun.

Stimpacks don't cross over but you can have 12 medikits from one level to the next.

There are also now a couple ACS scripts that can be bound to hotkeys to use any ammo item if that ammo amount is low, a "UseHealth" script to heal intelligently (meaning use a stimpack at <= 90 health and a medikit at <= 75), and a use health/armor script that will use multiple healing items as needed, which is great for those more frenetic levels where you don't have a quiet moment to tab through your inventory (like MAP07: Enemy Caught of Plutonia 2...). If the scripts use an item, the messages are printed on their own lines in the upper left.

Here in the link:!cBVl0S7S!UAcA4U_7JKLq ... nzPymOzDuI

As above, I encourage anyone to tweak the values to their preferences. To edit the ACS scripts, open AUTOINV in slade, make your changes, hit save, then hit the compile ACS (not the hexen one), then click save to save the wad to persist your changes. Note, once you change the script, you can't use any of your saves, so be aware of that. It looks like GzDoom will check the size of the compiled ACS script and complain if it changes.

For the hotkey bindings, take a look at KEYCONF. These can be changed later in GzDoom to be bound to whatever you want as well.
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by camper »

Hi echo4.
Does not quite work correctly with weapon mods. Apparently due to the new designation of ammunition inside the mods. For example, in conjunction with viewtopic.php?f=43&t=62535 large boxes of ammunition give a other ammunition that can not be used.
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by echo4 »

Yes, unfortunately true.

I guess if you know in advance which weapon mod you want to use, you could try replacing their ammo types, but I'm not sure if that would work.

For example, currently in INVAMMO, you have the following:
ACTOR DCUSAmmoBox : CustomInventory replaces ClipBox

But if you replace ClipBox with whatever the weapon mod is calling their ammo box, it might work. You would also need to edit the A_GiveInventory call to give the correct custom ammo type & amount. The InvDoom mod would need to be loaded 2nd. I have no idea though if mods can modify other mods though.

Note that 'small' ammo types, like the 4 shells or 5 clips or small plasma pickups are not changed, those still go straight to your ammo.

Personally what I did to use the Weapon of Saturn mod was to manually strip out all their overrides of Ammo types. I didn't like having new ammo types anyway, so I changed the weapons to use one of the classic cells/clips/shells/rockets and also stripped out their ammo DECORATE entries. I also removed a couple of the guns I didn't need/use. The BFG/Plasma/SSG/Rocket Launcher direct replacements are great though, in particular the 1911 pistol.

Those changes are here if anyone is interested:!sNdCCYqb!szwixI1OpvLE ... UwSRfPRFpc
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by YasuoProjectX »

- Good for saving ammo per every level
- Recommended to use InventoryKeeper_v2
- 11/10 overall
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by ileblanc »

Dude this is amazing, I was using another mod that does exactly this but it got like abandoned or something and it's no longer compatible with Project Brutality. Are you planning compatibility with mods like PB in the future?
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Delfino Furioso
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by Delfino Furioso »

I've come across this recently while searching for simple inventory mods to test my custom HUD with

Since the initial implementation by MeatMan12 had broken the BackPack,
and since the fixes by Echo4 are not available on mega anymore,
I've made my own edit and I'm publishing here for posterity

Any feedback on balancing this thing is welcome..

Enjoy! ... m.pk3/file

changes made to each Actor's properties
- print a message on item activation
- removed all custom Inventory.Icon sprites (so pwad-provided sprites are not overridden)
- replaced all SNDINFO-based UseSound/PickupSound definitions (with appropriate stock sfx)
- re-evaluated maximum carrying capacity for each item:
5 Stimpacks, ClipBoxes, ShellBoxes, RocketBoxes, CellPacks
3 Medikits, GreenArmor
1 Berserk, Infrared, Radsuit, BlueArmor

changes to which Actors are stackable in the inventory:
- removed BackPack (the original implementation was not extending the max ammo capacity)
- removed AllMap (I don't see why anyone would not want to use it as soon as picked up)

actors which has been kept out of the Inventory, for gameplay-balance purposes:
- ammo bonuses: Clip, Shell, RocketAmmo, Cell
- powerup items: MegaSphere, SoulSphere, BlurSphere, InvulnerabilitySphere
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Delfino Furioso
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Re: Inventory Doom (v1.0)

Post by Delfino Furioso »

turns out that in SBARINFO, the InventoryBar-related drawing routines do not offer a proper way to manage sprites' offsets
I've added a TEXTURES lump to define new sprites (still using the stock patches) with new offsets to compensate for this

redownload the file if you want to benefit from this

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