Wandering items

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Wandering items

Post by N30N »

Just a little mini-mod i decided to make where items (and barrels :lol:) are free to roam the map.

This mod is entirely code, but here are a few screenies with items not in their original positions.
This mod won't work with zandronum (or atleast not 2.1 and older) because this mod uses a_setscale, which zandronum does not support.
It also won't work with other mods that replace items or pickups. Sprite replacements and enemy replacements should work fine.

Keys don't move for obvious reasons.

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Re: Wandering items

Post by SamVision »

This can be either incredibly cute, or extremely scary depending on what little changes you apply to it.
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Kontra Kommando
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Re: Wandering items

Post by Kontra Kommando »

Cool, reminds me of what I did in Occultic Doom a bit. I was planning on making flying items, that attack you like a lost soul, and curses at the player.
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Big C
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Re: Wandering items

Post by Big C »

>Sentient barrels

Oh God, flashbacks to Hideous Destructor all over again. D:
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Re: Wandering items

Post by Hetdegon »

This could be notably amusing in Oblige/Slige/Obhack/etc maps, given their tendency to cluster items together. Not bad.
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Re: Wandering items

Post by Vincent(PDP) »

Hah! Nicely done! I like it. :D
I didn't expect them to wander all the time. When I read the post, I thought they would wander a little bit, then wait, and then continue wandering a little. :)

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