Centered Killing Floor Shotgun

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Centered Killing Floor Shotgun

Post by TheRailgunner »

While I wait for more modelrips from Uboa for KFInDoom, I saw that one of the sprites for the shotgun could be easily adapted into a Doom-style centered weapon, and ran with it - it features an adapted reload and pumping animation from KFInDoom as well as reload cancelling and neat hitpuffs, and holds 8 shells dealing 8*5d3 damage each.
Credits to Uboa and Tripwire Interactive.

Centered Benelli M3 Super 90 Shotgun Goodness
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Re: Centered Killing Floor Shotgun

Post by -Ghost- »

That's pretty cool, KF is one of the few games that has a shotgun I like as much as Doom's.

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