TEX-Guns - A weapons mod using TEXTURES

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TEX-Guns - A weapons mod using TEXTURES

Post by TriMetall »

I really like these type of mods, so I tought, I would post my response/tribute to these mods.
This mod adds a bunch of new weapons, as well as making the original ones more cooler.
What is done:
Original weapons:
Shotgun - Smoother animations, shell casings (with TEXTURES, not stolen from Cory Whittle!).
Super Shotgun - Smoother animations, secondary fire fires the two barrels seperately, casings also added.
Chaingun - Now it's more like a minigun, needs to spin up and down, does more damage per shot.
Rocket Launcher - Slightly modified raise/lower animation, nothing else yet.
Plasma Rifle - Better looking projectiles, nothing else yet.
New weapons:
Laser-tagger pistol - Right now, it's REALLY UNFINISHED, and I ripped of the code for it's projectile from WildWeasel (Sorry!)
Sniper rifle - Graphics are done, coding still needs to be improved
Submachine gun - Graphics are kind of done (though I don't like the way it turned out to be), firing animations are also kind of lame, but they work.
Dual Submachine gun - Same as the above, except in akimbo mode.
Lightning gun - I probably need to change it's looks, it's projectile is also unbalanced, and it's ripped from one of Dudukrazy's mods.
Shrapnel Rocket Launcher - Graphics are done, still needs to be coded, right now, it's just a clone of the original RL.
Spreader Plasma Rifle - It's kind of like a plasma shotgun, the coding is done, still needs a custom look.
Freezer Rifle - Coding is done, still needs a custom look.
Repeater Shotgun - It's the shotgun on steroids! It fires fast, and you can load up to 4 shells into. Includes digital ammo counter. Coding still a bit buggy though.

Xaser - for his awesome Parkour mod.
WildWeasel - Laser Tag projectile, and his awesome Style-Mod
phi108 - for his awesome Shooting Monsters with Textures mod.
Dudukrazy - Lightning gun projectile


Demon Heart - A new health item
A cool sandwich - Another health item
The repeater shotgun in action
The sniper rifle in action
Download here:
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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Re: TEX-Guns - A weapons mod using TEXTURES

Post by Steve1664 »

Nice sounding idea, but usually screenshots are required so everybody can see exactly what it all looks like. Could you provide us with some?
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Re: TEX-Guns - A weapons mod using TEXTURES

Post by Enjay »

An interesting mod. It has some problems but I think you noted most of the ones I spotted. What's cool about these type of mods if the fact that they are tiny mods consisting of a few text lumps and nothing else.

Speaking of tiny - why did you upload a rar rather than a zip (or 7z)? If you upload a rar, the player has to extract your mod before playing it. If you upload a zip, then the player can just load it as it is.
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Re: TEX-Guns - A weapons mod using TEXTURES

Post by JimmyJ »

Your screenshots aren't loading for me.
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Re: TEX-Guns - A weapons mod using TEXTURES

Post by Matt »

I can't switch weapons. Are there weaponslots set yet?
EDIT: The one time I don't try IDFA on a weapon mod...

Lookin' pretty cool. The spreads on all the weapons are way too much for my taste (I shot the chaingun straight down the first corridor in Evilution Map01 and ended up hitting the zombie around the corner) but I like the lightning gun. The blaster seems... off though, is it supposed to have a bit sticking out to the right and nothing connecting barrel to grip?
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Re: TEX-Guns - A weapons mod using TEXTURES

Post by rollingcrow »

The lightning gun can kill you easily when fired at certain angles.

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