No One Lives Forever

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No One Lives Forever

Post by Dynamo »

Does anyone know where the textures in this game are stored and what format they are in? I managed to open the resource files with XWE but all I was able to get were some pics used in the briefings and weapon icons, as well as sounds, so nothing very useful... I'd like to know what files I'd have to look into, if anyone knows. Thanks.
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David Ferstat
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Re: No One Lives Forever

Post by David Ferstat »

My immediate reaction to this is: why not use the right tools for the jobs?

Monolith released a tool kit for NOLF, complete with documentation, shortly afte rthe release of the game.

"But where do I get this toolkit?" comes the plaintive cry.

Well, a Google search produces several results, but I'm going to direct you to

Click on Files, then No One Lives For Ever, then Official Updates, and select No One Lives Forever Tool Kit at the bottom of the list.

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