[Sounds] Blizzard sounds anyone?

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[Sounds] Blizzard sounds anyone?

Post by Shadelight »

Starcraft/Brood War Sound Effects (with voices, maybe people could do stuff with them?): http://blazingphoenix.sepwich.com/SCSound.7z
Warcraft III Sound Effects: http://blazingphoenix.sepwich.com/Warcraft3Sounds.7z
Starcraft 2 Sound Effects: http://blazingphoenix.sepwich.com/SC2SoundEffects.7z

Warcraft 1&2 Sounds: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o84ac6jt6 ... Sounds.zip

If anyone else would like to contribute with older stuff or WoW stuff, I'd be happy to add it to this list!
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Re: [Sounds] Blizzard sounds anyone?

Post by NeuralStunner »

I can get you all the WC2 sounds/voices, expansion included. Also some of the WC1 and WC2 alpha sounds.

Ready to work! It'd be cool if you can host these more permanently on your own site, as well.

WC1 and WC2 Alpha sounds are not named, but there aren't that many either. I removed the assorted belches used as fillers in the Alpha, too bad for you. :P )

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