Blasphemer v0.1.3 Released; New Website

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Blasphemer v0.1.3 Released; New Website

Post by janiform »

Blasphemer v0.1.3 has been released. It also has a new, much more usable website, where you can find screenshots and downloads: This new site should make it much easier to submit work.

As always, contributions are valued. All textures and music are complete, but we still need many sprites, maps, and sounds. Most urgently needed are weapon HUD sprites and player sprites, which would make Blasphemer a fully-capable multiplayer game.

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Re: Blasphemer v0.1.3 Released; New Website

Post by Shadelight »

Been a long time since any info on this project, keep it up. :)
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Re: Blasphemer v0.1.3 Released; New Website

Post by Jimmy »

Am I missing something? When I try to play, the palette really fucks up for me. :?
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Re: Blasphemer v0.1.3 Released; New Website

Post by neoworm »

The plague crossbow is almost complete. Only reloading animation is left, but I fear I wont have time to finish it soon. I can post what I have.
Also I used my scimitar sprites to replace gargoyle in blasphemer (I needed something to shoot at). Since its a from scratch sprite set, maybe you can consider using it too. At least until something better is made.
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Re: Blasphemer v0.1.3 Released; New Website

Post by Xaser »

Foot. The wad must've been built with the wrong settings, because all the graphics are in Doom's palette (thanks to NeuralStunner for figuring it out -- it was driving me nuts why things weren't running). Whoops... :P
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Re: Blasphemer v0.1.3 Released; New Website

Post by esselfortium »

Nice to see some of my textures in use here, looking good :)

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