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Crash on DOOM1 WAD

Post by Anonymous »

This always crashes - aside from the info given in the dump, here is some additional info:

This is the registered WAD for the original DOOM (V1.2)
This is the first map of the third level.
To get the crash:
1 - Open the first fence
2 - Avoid the imps -- run towards the big door.
3 - Press the opener on the left and run away while the doors open.
4 - Run around until the big, horned, fire-breathing, flying things come out
5 - Run into the hallway and bear left.
6 - Run accross the sinking causeway and grab the shotgun.
7 - BOOM

Tried to read address 0000000c
Flags: 00000000
Address: 0044e197

Windows NT 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack 4

GS=0000 FS=0038 ES=0023 DS=0023
EAX=00000000 EBX=ffd80000 ECX=00000007 EDX=00280000
ESI=00000000 EDI=00000000
EBP=01ce46a0 EIP=0044e197 ESP=0012fb20 CS=001b SS=0023

FPU State:
ControlWord=027f StatusWord=4020 TagWord=ffff


Running threads:
00000580 at 0044e197*

Loaded modules:
00400000 - 0062cfff *zdoom.exe
77f80000 - 77ffafff ntdll.dll
71710000 - 71793fff COMCTL32.dll
77f40000 - 77f78fff GDI32.dll
7c570000 - 7c622fff KERNEL32.dll
77e10000 - 77e6efff USER32.dll
7c2d0000 - 7c331fff ADVAPI32.dll
77d30000 - 77d9dfff RPCRT4.DLL
75050000 - 75057fff WSOCK32.dll
75030000 - 75043fff WS2_32.DLL
78000000 - 78044fff MSVCRT.DLL
75020000 - 75027fff WS2HELP.DLL
77570000 - 7759ffff WINMM.dll
10000000 - 10093fff fmod.dll
77410000 - 77422fff MSACM32.dll
77a50000 - 77b3bfff ole32.dll
76b30000 - 76b6dfff comdlg32.dll
70a70000 - 70ad4fff SHLWAPI.DLL
782f0000 - 78537fff SHELL32.DLL
51080000 - 510d5fff dsound.dll
77820000 - 77826fff VERSION.dll
759b0000 - 759b5fff LZ32.DLL
77560000 - 77567fff wdmaud.drv
77400000 - 77407fff msacm32.drv
5ef80000 - 5ef83fff KsUser.dll
775a0000 - 77625fff CLBCATQ.DLL
779b0000 - 77a4afff OLEAUT32.dll
019e0000 - 01a13fff dinput8.dll
6f9a0000 - 6f9a7fff HID.DLL
77880000 - 7790dfff SETUPAPI.DLL
7c0f0000 - 7c150fff USERENV.DLL
51000000 - 51046fff ddraw.dll
728a0000 - 728a5fff DCIMAN32.dll
6bfb0000 - 6bfb6fff midimap.dll

Bytes near EIP:
0044e187: 13 d1 0f ac d0 10 f7 d8 89 45 2c 33 f6 8b 55 2c
0044e197: 8b 47 0c 8b 4d 30 2b c2 99 33 c2 2b c2 3b c8 7c
0044e1a7: 09 8b d7 33 c9 e8 0f d4 08 00 8b 44 24 60 8b d8

ZDoom version 2.0.60

Command line:
C:\Program Files\zdoom\zdoom.exe
IWAD: doom.wad

Current map: E3M1

viewx = -45624136
viewy = 21320664
viewz = 2497161
viewangle = 1352663040

Possible call trace:
0044e197 BOOM
004577dd call 004574d0
0045a329 call 0046dd70
0045df9b call 00459d80
00461a15 call 0045dd70
00463681 call 00462f40
00421e87 call [edx+0x10]
004221cd call 00421e10
004729d4 call 00422180
0042a7eb call 004728f0
0041b412 call 0042a4d0
004174fc call 0041b120
0040afe3 call 0040af30
0040afe3 call 0040af30
00498981 call 0040afd0
00498a83 call 004fc8a6
00495b33 call 00417550
00495e45 call 00495780
004ffd5a call 00495dd0
004ffbee call 004fd650

Stack Contents:
0012fb20: 00000000 01b74308 00000000 00000000 ·····C··········
0012fb30: 01004160 00b3f1d8 004577dd 01cc45e0 `A·······wE··E··
0012fb40: 0000000e 00000008 01b74308 00b34160 ·········C··`A··
0012fb50: 00000003 00b34160 02000c06 01ce46a0 ····`A·······F··
0012fb60: 0012fccc 0050e8ee ffffffff 0046ddcc ······P·······F·
0012fb70: 00000006 00010000 00000000 00000000 ················
0012fb80: 00000000 00b34160 26200000 005aac78 ····`A···· &x·Z·
0012fb90: 0000075f 0045a329 00000000 00000000 _···)·E·········
0012fba0: 00000001 00b34160 fd3e3fb6 01522a25 ····`A···?>·%*R·
0012fbb0: 0025c2d4 fd3e3fb6 01b71e7c 0024c000 ··%··?>·|·····$·
0012fbc0: 00680000 ffc88267 00480000 fd477d99 ··h·g·····H··}G·
0012fbd0: 0145c2d4 0045df9b 01522a25 00000000 ··E···E·%*R·····
0012fbe0: 00000000 000c6751 00b34160 0000b505 ····Qg··`A······
0012fbf0: fff6c200 77f54f00 fff6c21d 00000003 ·····O·w········
0012fc00: 000c6751 00000001 00000001 005aac78 Qg··········x·Z·
0012fc10: 00000000 0012fc5c 000c6751 fff6c21d ····\···Qg······
0012fc20: fd477d99 0145c2d4 00000001 00461a15 ·}G···E·······F·
0012fc30: 00000000 00000001 00000000 00b34160 ············`A··
0012fc40: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
0012fc50: 00000000 005aaf14 00463681 00000000 ······Z··6F·····
0012fc60: 00421e87 005a9a6c 00000008 00000000 ··B·l·Z·········
0012fc70: 004221cd 00000008 005ac6f8 00000001 ·!B·······Z·····
0012fc80: 004729d4 00000597 00000001 0042a7eb ·)G···········B·
0012fc90: 005aa5f4 0000001a 4bf66fbf 0041b412 ··Z······o·K··A·
0012fca0: 00000004 00abff48 0012fcd8 00000001 ····H···········
0012fcb0: 004174fc 00000004 00abff48 00000001 ·tA·····H·······
0012fcc0: 00000001 00000596 0012fcb4 0012fe04 ················
0012fcd0: 0050df65 00000000 00000000 0000026e e·P·········n···
0012fce0: 000000f8 0012fe6c 0000017e 592bed18 ····l···~·····+Y
0012fcf0: 00a766c0 42f584a0 30961547 6d6f6f44 ·f·····BG··0Doom
0012fd00: 7475412e 616f6c6f 73650064 6f647a2f .Autoload·es/zdo
0012fd10: 732f6d6f 736e696b 366d1100 b672d9af om/skins··m6··r·
0012fd20: 500af2a3 ecbd494a 94bd3c00 2b87a7e6 ···PJI···<·····+
0012fd30: 24a6cd85 8d9edd2d e68df44d e70c5b9e ···$-···M····[··
0012fd40: b0f51f83 6d5752f2 974fb7a8 00000002 ·····RWm··O·····
0012fd50: 3844a771 0040afe3 0012fd64 00000002 q·D8··@·d·······
0012fd60: 3844a771 0040afe3 0012fd74 00498981 q·D8··@·t·····I·
0012fd70: 0052d030 00498a83 00000094 00000005 0·R···I·········
0012fd80: 00000000 00000893 00000002 76726553 ············Serv
0012fd90: 20656369 6b636150 00003420 0013a8a0 ice Pack 4······
0012fda0: 77aa6299 77b2b750 8007000e 0012fe08 ·b·wP··w········
0012fdb0: 00000000 00000000 00000001 00000000 ················
0012fdc0: 7c57b580 77a98978 0013a830 00000000 ··W|x··w0·······
0012fdd0: 77a77a27 0000026e 00000000 0012fdfc 'z·wn···········
0012fde0: 00000002 77a7767c 77a7768b 77b2b0b0 ····|v·w·v·w···w
0012fdf0: 0000026e 00000000 0000017e 0044a771 n·······~···q·D·
0012fe00: 3844a771 0012fe60 0050df88 ffffffff q·D8`·····P·····
0012fe10: 00495b33 ffffffff 7c597767 7ffdf000 3[I·····gwY|···
0012fe20: 00000000 00000000 0000026e 0000017e ········n···~···
0012fe30: 00000001 000f4240 0012fe1c 00000020 ····@B······ ···
0012fe40: 00000276 00000000 00400000 00400230 v·········@·0·@·
0012fe50: 00400208 7c570000 00400000 0012fe14 ··@···W|··@·····
0012fe60: 0012fe88 0050f430 00000000 0012fe98 ····0·P·········
0012fe70: 00495e45 7c590978 00000000 7ffdf000 E^I·x·Y|·······
0012fe80: 0012fe74 0012f76c 0012ffb0 004ff998 t···l·········O·
0012fe90: 0052c6d8 00000000 0012ffc0 004ffd5a ··R·········Z·O·
0012fea0: 00400000 00000000 00133673 00000001 ··@·····s6······
0012feb0: 00000094 00000005 00000000 00000893 ················
0012fec0: 00000002 76726553 20656369 6b636150 ····Service Pack
0012fed0: 82003420 81fbb318 804827f0 00000000 4·······'H·····
0012fee0: 80432b83 0000000a 00000202 8042ed8f ·+C···········B·
0012fef0: 81e5f278 82024ab0 8042eccc ffdff848 x····J····B·H···
0012ff00: 12e5f2b0 b8ecbc24 bfea07ef 81e5f2a8 ····$···········
0012ff10: 00000000 00000000 81e14708 81e1496c ·········G··lI··
0012ff20: 8209a54c 81e5f28c 01000012 81978d60 L···········`···
0012ff30: 819cbb40 00000000 819cbcd0 b8ecbc60 @···········`···
0012ff40: 004ffbee 00000000 00000000 7ffdf000 ··O············
0012ff50: 00000044 00135f50 00135f60 00135e18 D···P_··`_···^··
0012ff60: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ················
0012ff70: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000401 ················
0012ff80: 00000001 00000000 00000000 00010001 ················
0012ff90: 00000000 81978d60 00000000 ffffffff ····`···········
0012ffa0: 00133673 00000000 0012feb0 00000000 s6··············
0012ffb0: 0012ffe0 004ff998 00559b00 00000000 ······O···U·····
0012ffc0: 0012fff0 7c5987e7 00000000 00000000 ······Y|········
0012ffd0: 7ffdf000 00000000 0012ffc8 00000000 ···············
0012ffe0: ffffffff 7c5c1bb4 7c572b00 00000000 ······\|·+W|····
0012fff0: 00000000 00000000 004ffbd6 00000000 ··········O·····
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Post by Sparky »

the first problem is that your using doom 1.2
you need to update to the ultimate doom

Post by Anonymous »

I was using the wad from 1.2 because that's what I had paid for 10 years ago! I guess I'll have to dig up a copy of ultimate...
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Post by wildweasel »

OR you could go to http://www.doomworld.com/idgames and download the patches and get a perfectly legal UDoom IWAD.
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Re: Crash on DOOM1 WAD

Post by HotWax »

And now for a translation by Yours Truly:
Dr. Perky wrote:This always crashes - aside from the info given in the dump, here is some additional info:

This is the registered WAD for the original DOOM (V1.OBSOLETE)
This is the first map of the third episode.
To get the crash:
1 - Push the button to raise the platform you start on.
2 - Avoid the imps -- run towards the only door in the area.
3 - Press the switch on the left and run away while the door opens.
4 - Run around until the cacodemons come out
5 - Run into the hallway and take the left fork
6 - Run accross the sinking bridge and grab the shotgun.
7 - BOOM is not the source port I'm using.
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Post by SargeBaldy »

heh, good call. i played doom shareware 1.2 for dec 10. on doom.exe without sound. using the keyboard. low detail. shrunk screen size. on HMP. just like old times :P
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Post by Mancubus II »

SargeBaldy wrote:heh, good call. i played doom shareware 1.2 for dec 10. on doom.exe without sound. using the keyboard. low detail. shrunk screen size. on HMP. just like old times :P
I recall being able to hear in old times...
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Post by SargeBaldy »

Yes, I could too, but XP doesn't like me to. Although I did play it with music and for my first year of Doom shareware we couldn't get that to work :P
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Post by randi »

Fixed, assuming the bug is the same as the one present in Doom 1.1 (which I got by using the Doom 1.9->1.1 downgrade patch). Still, I'm surprised you actually got it to run, since I assumed Doom 1.2 was missing resources needed by ZDoom (which is meant to be played with a version 1.9 wad only).
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Post by Lexus Alyus »

I remebner when I first played Doom 2 on my very own computer! (It was a rare occasion, and I thought it was great... cus I could play Doom!! And I think I only played Doom :-D).

I first got my computer in like 95 or something, cus my step dad was annoyed that i'd play Doom 2 on his computer (it was around when Doom 2 first came out, so it was great, plus i'd been playing Doom before that, but not as regularly cus my Step Dad wouldn't let me on his computer :-( ).

My first spec was like a 66mhz dx 486... with an Adlib sound card! I used to play it with PC speaker sound FX (Woiw, they are cool :-D) and the music (aty least I got decent quality music :-) ). Man, those were the days :-). Then later I got a 486 144mhz. I'm sure I can remember having a 586 board at one point... I never had anything greater than a 166mhz untill like 97! So it was Doom all the way :-), then duke and Quake... but those were the days :-).

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Post by Ultraviolet »

randy wrote:Fixed
Well, what was the issue? We've been told the in game actions that trigger the crash, but not what's really happening.
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Post by randi »

Since I now have two bugs that are duplicates of this one, I'll explain. The crash is caused by using a floor lower and change special on a sector without a neighboring floor lower than it. This made it crash when it checked to see if the floor moved instantly, because I inappropriately reused a variable for this special type.
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Post by Tai »

Yay..you're welcome..
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Post by Xaser »

randy wrote:ZDoom (which is meant to be played with a version 1.9 wad only).
I still have 1.7 on one of my computers, and Zdoom runs fine.

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