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Skinned Bots

Post by Anonymous »

Hi all,

I'm looking to use some skinned bots in multiplayer, but don't know how to go about doing it. I'm using zcajun. Any ideas?

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Post by Bio Hazard »

in bots.cfg, add a line "skin nameofskin"
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Post by Enjay »

Yeah, here's an extract from one of my bots.cfg files:

Code: Select all

   name                       Carson 
   aiming                     67 
   perfection                 50 
   reaction                   70 
   isp                        50 
   color                      "40 cf 00" 
   skin                       base 
   gender                     male 
   weaponpref                 012385687 

   name                       Smith 
   aiming                     34 
   perfection                 75 
   reaction                   15 
   isp                        90 
   color                      "b0 b0 b0" 
   skin                       BGPA_2 
   gender                     cyborg 
   weaponpref                 012345678 

   name                       Ross 
   aiming                     80 
   perfection                 67 
   reaction                   72 
   isp                        87 
   color                      "50 50 60" 
   skin                       BGPA_3 
   gender                     male 
   weaponpref                 012345678 

   name                       Jay 
   aiming                     15 
   perfection                 50 
   reaction                   50 
   isp                        50 
   color                      "8f 00 00" 
   skin                       BGPA_4 
   gender                     female 
   weaponpref                 082345678 
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Post by wildweasel »

Keep in mind that the name of the skin is not the name of the WAD in the Skins folder, you can see it in the S_SKIN lump or in the Player Setup menu.

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