Things mode not displaying full options? UDB

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Things mode not displaying full options? UDB

Post by Rizzio3105 »

Hi guys, so i was following a couple tutorials from youtube, and i a part of the tutorial just showed going into Things mode, placing some enemies, and after going into it's properties, but their options have action/tag/misc comment and custom. And mine has nothing of those options.

Both are Ultimate Doom Builder, although his version is R3964 and mine is 4162. Are this settings moved to another place? do i need to activate something? the tutorial i was looking was about lowering a sector when all monsters are dead, so he gave all the enemies a tag and open the script editor, of the monsters, but that's nowhere to be seen. What can i do?
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Re: Things mode not displaying full options? UDB

Post by Kappes Buur »

Rizzio3105 wrote: Wed Apr 10, 2024 11:45 pm Are this settings moved to another place?
they are simply not available in the original DOOM mapping format
you have to set up your editing session to GZDoom:Doom2 (UDMF).

To do that open the Game Configuration menu (F6)

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