So a guy walks into a Hell...

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So a guy walks into a Hell...

Post by Ravick »

Hi there.

I was talking to some friends about how, in the Universe of the first two Dooms, every person who dies can generate 3-4 soldiers for the forces of Hell.

Say, the bad guy's body can become a zombie, his soul can become a LostSoul, the guy himself can become a demon, and, if that demon is reanimated, he can become a revenant.

But then we got some doubts: A LostSoul is a type of demon, right? Or some kind of ghost? And how do other types of demons came to be? Can a person who was very bad in life become a Baron of Hell when he/she die? Or is this a bloodline and do Barons, Imps, Cacodemons and so on reproduce in Hell normally? Can weaker demons become stronger ones? I mean, just like an imp lives as an imp for ages and then become another type pf demon?

Note that we are not talking about the latest games in the franchise, where the revenants are creations of UAC and stuff like that, but about the original games.

What do you think?
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Re: So a guy walks into a Hell...

Post by peewee_RotA »

Outside of doom, there are 2 basic ideas of demons. Either they are non-human entities, or they are twisted humans who become demons.

The ancient semetic cultures, like the sumerians, believed that demons were either creations or servants of gods of the underworld, or generally monsters.

People who died could become ghosts, but there is a distinct difference between a spirit/ghost and a demon.

I always thought Doom viewed the demons as some kind of aliens in a dimension where pain, blood, and flesh were more like building materials. So space marines die, and become their decorations.

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