ability tochange internal resolution separate from HUD/UI

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ability tochange internal resolution separate from HUD/UI

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currently in GZDoom if you change the resolution scale, a few undesirable things happen. For one, if you set it very low, the HUD can become a blocky mess. Given what Doom is, there are valid reasons to want to downsample the internal resolution without effecting things like the statusbar.

More critically, though, because of the way GZDoom handles its UI, actually using your mouse to change the resolution scale is much harder than it needs to be. Moving the slider will resize the menu causing the slider itself to drag to a new position. It can be very difficult to choose a precise resolution because of this. I'm aware that custom pixel scaling option is there, but ideally the purpose of the slider is to ensure the user doesn't need to equip a calculator.

This alone could be solved if the menu required the user to hit some kind of "Accept Changes" button, but that is not necessarily what I'm suggesting.

ty for considering :>

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