Improved SNDINFO

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Improved SNDINFO

Post by giwake »

While other parts of GZDoom's modding tools have greatly improved (Zscript, for example) I believe that other areas have stagnated quite a bit. SNDINFO, for example, has fallen behind quite a bit. I feel like SNDINFO lumps usually end up as a large mess of definitions that are hard to understand and generally aren't user-friendly.

I'd like to suggest a version of SNDINFO based off of the system used for Mapinfo, something like this (although i think this could be improved quite a bit. this is just me tossin' ideas out there)

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//we can include extra sndinfo defs like this to organize stuff better
#include "sounds/sndinfo.misc.txt"

//this is a basic one-shot sound
sound "weapon/punch" { 
	path = "weapons/fist/punch.wav"
	pitchRange = 4
	volume = 1

//here is an ambient sound
sound "world/wind" { 
	path = "world/wind.wav"
	volume = 0.5
	ambientIndex = 1
	ambientType = "point"
	ambientMode = "continuous"

//and here is a random sound
random "monsters/spiderpain" {
	path = "monsters/spiderpain1.wav", "monsters/spiderpain2.wav", "monsters/spiderpain3.wav", "monsters/spiderpain4.wav"
	pitchSet = 0.4 //instead of defining a new pitch for each sound individually, you could do this and all of the sounds would have their pitch changed!
although i don't know too much about how much time and effort it would take, i think it would be a little easier to implement because of how Mapinfo already has this kind of formatting. i'm not sure if all my ideas are compatible with how SNDINFO currently works, but i think a decent chunk of it could be implemented.

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