Textures that appear in UDB don't appear in Slade [Fixed]

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Textures that appear in UDB don't appear in Slade [Fixed]

Post by 12Bits »

I watched some videos about adding custom objects do maps, I was able to put a decoration.
But when I tried to add this prop, https://www.realm667.com/en/repository- ... ng-corpses the prop didn't rendered
It's maybe because this prop changes it's sprite according to the angle the player views it.
Here's the DECORATE and MAPINFO code that I used.


How can I import multi sprite props?
I converted my wad to a pk3, using Knee-Deep in ZDoom to see how it works, but now one texture that I use in the map "BRONZEGE" from 32in24-15_tex_v2 but it doesn't shows up. How I can put this texture in my pk3?
Sorry for the bother, I realized that I need to see the "Texture1" file to see all the textures of the wad, then download the texture as a png and put the file in my wad.
I will not deleted this post, as it might be helpful to people that faced the same problem.
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