Canvas Textures Affected By Brightmaps

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Canvas Textures Affected By Brightmaps

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Currently canvas textures are not affected by brightmaps and this has caused me all sorts of headaches trying come up with workarounds. I've been using canvas textures to create interactive terminals and screens and the contents of the screens should always appear full bright and lights on the textures should glow. This would be easy to accomplish if either the Canvas texture itself respected a brightmap defined in GLDEFs or the brightmaps/Auto folder, or alternatively, it would also work well if the individual textures drawn into the canvas texture utilized their own brightmaps.

Here is an example use case:

I created a 3D model of a Half-Life style health station based on LossForWords textures. The screens utilize canvas textures to draw the status of the station. All that works fine, the problem is the contents of the screen should be rendered full bright, but even with bright maps, the brightness is directly dependent on sector light level. I could make the model's actor full bright but the whole model shouldn't be full bright so that won't work either.

I can only think of two workarounds, neither of which is appealing or ideal.

1: Create a seperate non-canvas texture for every possible output the screen can display and use A_ChangeModel to display them on the station. This would require me to create hundreds of entries in Textures and GLDEFS.

2: Create the station out of map geometry and set the lines brightness to 256. Then use the Dim function to darken all the parts of the texture that should not be full bright. This method is what I'm currently using in my mod, having to create tons of dim zones all over the texture is far from ideal and I still haven't figured out the math to get the dimmed parts to appear exactly right at different sector light levels. On top of that, dimmed parts of the texture do not appear right when lit up by dynamic lights.

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