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Post by Nash »

A classic-style status bar mod for GZDoom

- Fits seamlessly into the vanilla graphics
- Icons for powerups
- Essential level stats
- Built-in HP bar
- Also has a fullscreen HUD version (sort of like a not-Alt-HUD)


- Certain combinations of status bar scaling settings and window sizes may appear messed up
- I didn't deal with multiple slot weapons in the fullscreen HUD properly
- Obviously will look out of place with WADs that use custom STBAR graphics (I have some ideas on how to solve this but I don't have time to do it right now)
- Built-in HP bar can't be disabled right now (will fix later)

Runs with GZDoom 4.5 (at minimum), LZDoom 3.87c and Delta Touch

Download v0.9 / Github
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Re: NashBar

Post by Void Warrior »

HUD looks very modern. It shows what we are picking up, the Number of Monsters and Items and How Many Secrets we Have Found. And HP Bar is created for the Style of the Game (For Nash's HP Bar "Thank you!").

However, I don't like that the HUD can't be configured. In a Full-Screen HUD, it would be nice to Disable Timers. Another strange thing for me is that in the Status Bar, the Quantity Indicators are made in Percentages, and in the Full-Screen HUD - in Numbers.

And also, how did I understand that the HUD is sharpened only for "Vanilla DOOM"? Since it is not compatible with Brutal Mods, but it is compatible with Vanilla Ones.
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Re: NashBar

Post by generic name guy »

Great hud! but if i were to make a suggestion, i'd say extend the gray rock background for 21:9 screens, id should have some at

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