Raze 1.7.0 released

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Raze 1.7.0 released

Post by Graf Zahl »

Download (OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 2.0 and higher required)
  • new language support: Spanish, French, Danish and Norwegian.
  • Duke: fixed weapon spread with non-pistol hitscan weapons.
  • Duke: Add a myriad of pitch recentering CVARs.
  • Duke: fixed potential logic deadlocks with the green slimer.
  • fixed lookup table generation for foggy fades.
  • Duke: Add CVAR to allow disabling pitch reset with pitch input.
  • Duke: Consolidate vehicle code between boat/moto.
  • use GAMENAMELOWERCASE for defining GAME_DIR.
  • Duke: Remove `everyothertime` global, we can just use `PlayClock`.
  • fixed STAT_ACTORS must handle actors where scale.X is 0 as 'deleted' and destroy them.
  • Duke: Make vehicle input functions work on floats and not doubles and FAngles.
  • removed the ValidateTarget call from HackSeqCallback to silence warning messages
  • Duke: Ensure spawned player actor has view height baked in up until the first `getzrange()` call.
  • Null the roll angle used for weapon drawing when looking left/right and with Blood's delirium for now.
  • Blood: Fix state checks when using TNT while diving underwater.
  • Exhumed: Ensure `Player::items[]` is signed.
  • Blood: Fix palette of actor sprite on 2D automap.
  • Blood: Fix shotgun ammo display when player fires a shell, switches weapons, then switches back.
  • Repair voxel 2D vector adjustment.
  • Blood: Repair velocity scaling in `ConcussSprite()`.
  • Exhumed: major internal cleanup
  • added a font option to have lower case for Latin only.
  • Re-calculate the sector for each eye if it has a shift factor applied.
  • completed all fonts for all European languages.
  • Fix crash in Shadow Warrior when player dies
  • Blood: fixed application of push velocity.
  • Exhumed: avoid shade hacks with palette emulation on.
  • Blood: make sure that tracking condition data is always properly initialized.
  • partially Revert "
  • pass shade values to sky renderer" Duke never did this.
  • Blood: reverted GetSpriteExtents to integer math.
  • SW: make player sounds always follow the source.
  • allow setting Duke's relevant sound properties through SNDINFO.
  • Duke: fixed incorrect sector in a few sprites of World Tour E5L1.
  • added adaptive layout for RR's summary screen as well. To better handle the spacing for accented characters the text scale was slightly reduced.
  • make layout of Duke's summary screen adapt to text and screen size.
  • RR: stop the bowling pins' tumbling animation when they come to a rest.
  • Duke: added a fully scriptable switch system
  • Change string `Ninja Slice Animation` to `Alternative Ninja Slice` to better reflect what it does.
  • Fixed a Mac debug build crash where CallAnimate attempted to pass one too many parameters to the VM.
  • Blood: add all statically stored EventObjects to the GC processor.
  • moved GetReservedScreenSpace function into the scripted status bar where it belongs.
  • split several texture flags off into a surface type value. Using the same field in the TexExtInfo struct as Blood's surfType. This frees up a lot of flags for later use.
  • adapted the breakable stuff interface in Duke to Texture IDs.
  • preparations and annotations for places in SW where textures are stored in tags.
  • tile system refactor. BuildTiles has been replaced with something that better integrates with the underlying texture manager
  • added mapSpawned member to DDukeActor
  • Exhumed: The ObjectList was not properly garbage collected.
  • fixed kill counting in Blood.
  • SW: For single player games, call `PlayerDeathReset()` from `TerminateLevel()` and not `DoPlayerDeathCheckKeys()`.
  • SW: Don't call `DoSpawnTeleporterEffect()` upon death. This causes an air bubble to spawn above the player for a single tic, even while on land until the level truly restarts. Since we're restarting, its better to just not do this.
  • SW: Don't reset player pitch upon death.
  • Duke: Always use tsprite pos/angle when used in conjunction with viewvec or viewang.
  • rewrote drawtile CVAR handling to render the image larger and allow using aliases.
  • SW: do a proper implementation for sprites which do not want texture animations.
  • gave all textures that were accessed with their "#0xxxx" name a descriptive names.
  • disabled the automatic localization feature in the texture manager.
  • rewrote the tile pixel cache to work on texture IDs instead of tile IDs. This allows using the related checking features with other textures as well.
  • SW: fixed camera validation
  • got rid of gotpic. Now everything uses the 'seen' flag in the texture which indicates that the texture was actually used for hardware rendering since the last check.
  • removed canvas hack stuff from Buildtiles after cleaning up the mess in SW.
  • initialize all special tiles to their intended type before starting the game.
  • do the handling of 90° rotated wall textures in the renderer instead of duplicating the texture.
  • Duke: implemented customizable breakable walls and ported all hard coded variants to use this.
  • Duke: implemented breakable walls with external definitions.
  • Duke: removed the limit of 64 on-state switches from the init code.
  • Duke: split the sprite animation code for CON-based actors into a separate function.
  • Duke: moved the shadow creation code out of animatesprites into a common subfunction.
  • Duke: cleaned up the main thinker loops, using a flag to denote actors that are not on STAT_ACTOR but need to run CON code.
  • Duke: gave proper names to ST_160 and ST_161.
  • define Duke's skies by name.
  • Duke: added generic destructibles
  • backported sound volume fix from NBlood.
  • Duke: use a flag for outer space textures.
  • Duke: exported the tile flag setters to RMAPINFO.
  • Change `DCoreActor::oang` to a DRotator named `PrevAngles`.
  • Change `spritetypebase::angle` to a DRotator named `Angles`.
  • Duke: gave all switch animation phases proper texture names.
  • did a bit of optimization on FGameTexture. Since all material layers except the brightmaps are relatively rare encounters these were taken out of the main texture object and offloaded to a substructure that is only allocated on demand.
  • use a sepate file system filter for 'duke-like' games, i.e. Duke, NAM and WW2GI combined.
  • replace the homegrown hash chain in the sound engine with a TMap.
  • sound system refactor to be based on names instead of indices.
  • Duke/RR: Properly fix `movement()` so the player's Z always makes it back to floorz.
  • Make `stat coord` show full floating point values.
  • Blood: Fix `gi->WarpToCoords()` that messed up the Z.
  • SW: Take full advantage of our floating point work for the wall blood drips.
  • more Duke/RR scriptifications
  • always set the sound listener position to something valid. Otherwise OpenAL throws lots of warning messages.
  • Use the interpolated sine table for tangent instead of Cephis math in `TAngle<T>`.

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