Polymost skies on Raze3D

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Polymost skies on Raze3D

Post by dim_vesperas »


This would probably be unpopular, but would it be possible for Raze3D to optionally render the skies as Polymost does in Raze 1.5.0?
I've read somewhere that Polymost is gonna be retired, but I don't like how Raze3D renders the skies at moment (if you look up you just see a solid color instead of the sky texture).

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Re: Polymost skies on Raze3D

Post by Graf Zahl »

No, there are no plans for that as it would make it impossible to have unlimited pitch, i.e. look up 90°. You cannot do that if you don't fill up the top of the sky with something.
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Re: Polymost skies on Raze3D

Post by mjr4077au »

I'd recommend getting a skybox pack. They're available for Duke and Blood, at least. There might be ones for SW but I'm not sure.
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Re: Polymost skies on Raze3D

Post by Phredreeke »

My upscale pack includes skyboxes for Shadow Warrior. (the skyboxes have their own def file so if you don't want to play with upscales you can easily isolate them)

M210's site has a skybox pack for GDX but it's easily reworked for Raze by renaming def files. Note that the SW skyboxes in this pack are outdated, use the ones from the upscale pack instead. The pack has skyboxes for Duke (Fox's), Blood (including palette swaps I made for compatibility with user addons), RR and Powerslave (the latter two by me)

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