Quick Turn action to be like in GZDoom

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Quick Turn action to be like in GZDoom

Post by Plynthus »

I'm not sure if this should be here in feature suggestions, bugs or somewhere else.

The quick turn action in RAZE gets cancelled even by slightest movement of mouse, analog stick or arrow key(any turn action).
I assume too many people don't use it. I do when it's available. But it's hard to get good/any use out of it when it's like this.
GZDoom's quick turn is perfect in my opinion. Basically the same, but doesn't get cancelled.

Would it be possible to have it work like in GZDoom?

Really enjoying playing build games through RAZE so far! Thanks so much for all the great work.
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Re: Quick Turn action to be like in GZDoom

Post by mjr4077au »

I've removed the cancellation in a work branch that's due for merging within the next week. This was introduced in May 2020, but neither EDuke32 or GZDoom do this so for consistency we shouldn't either.

Please do note though that Duke and Blood have always spun clockwise on a quick turn whereas GZDoom spins anti-clockwise. This isn't something we'll be changing as its best we be consistent with the original games.

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