[Not a bug] Not really a bug-regarding high-res warped flats

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Not really a bug - regarding high-res warped flats

Post by Nash »

I notice that the -NOFLAT- flat in zdoom.wad is a high-res flat. It's such a small size, it's high-res and it works in ZDoom. Man, how do you people import these things. :/

Anyway back to the bug report, I warped the -NOFLAT- flat using ANIMDEF and what I noticed is that no matter how high the flat's resolution is, the flat will always be warped like as if it's 64x64 unscaled. That means each "pixel" will always be a fixed size. The flat itself is crisp but the warping resolution is still low...

It looks kinda funny so maybe you wanna consider fixing it?
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Post by randomlag »

-NOFLAT- is PNG - standard 8-bit colors, 16x16. Hires would be something like 128x128. Solid colors just look "hires".

This flat is sort of special though - not sure this matters here.
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Post by randi »

Right. -NOFLAT- is the same resolution as all the standard textures. It doesn't warp well because it's too small. The minimum size I've tested a warping texture with is 64x64, but 32x32 might work too. Anything smaller than 32x32 definitely won't work.

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