Link Offset Mismatch With No Multi-Portals?

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Link Offset Mismatch With No Multi-Portals?

Post by cawmageddon »

I have a static portal set up going between two copies of a house. Both lineportals are set up correctly. They are aligned to the grid, have a space for the player, and precisely the same length and angle (though facing opposite directions). They do have fixed point lengths instead of integer, which is not ideal, but the lengths are identical when viewed with the line inspector (L = 581.07).
However, when I run the game I get a link offset error alert in the console:

Code: Select all

Both sectors are on different sides of the portal but they don't have any special actions and shouldn't be related. One of them is a 3D floor.
There is only one static portal on either side connecting the two areas, so why am I getting this error? :oops:

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