[4.10.0] resolution settings dont save

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[4.10.0] resolution settings dont save

Post by Pillowz_Here »

its as simple as that, everything saves EXCEPT for resolution settings.

i read about some guy changing his .ini file to manually fix this, but i dont have a .ini file. i searched everywhere i could in my gzdoom folder, but it just isn't there.

i remember also being able to see your "saves" folder to transport them between installations, but i can't find that either.

i downloaded directly from the ZDoom site.

is my gzdoom install bugged?
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Re: [4.10.0] resolution settings dont save

Post by Rachael »

A new version with the fix has not yet been released. You'll have to use a dev build in the meantime.


I've moved this thread since it's a duplicate.

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