[BLOOD] Bloody Hands 1.3 for Raze

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[BLOOD] Bloody Hands 1.3 for Raze

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Hi! ^^ This is a mini mod that I started in 2017 which changes the weapon sprites to show Caleb's leather Jacket.
Inspired by the "Extra Crispy" mod for Blood 2.
And in the latest version reworked to work using Raze's file system and ZSCript. ^^

+ All the sprites with visible arms have visible jacket parts as well
+ The Hat from "High Noon Drifter" is being used as Caleb's hat.
+ The hat scales with the status bars correctly
+ The "No Hud" hud doesn't show the Hat part to not obstruct visibility.

This is the download link of the current version (1.3)
Mega: https://mega.nz/file/aNtkwTIZ#3yoHp8uuU ... U8eHCPqUq8
ModDB: https://www.moddb.com/mods/bloody-hands ... dyhands-13

Changelog: (From Newest to Oldest)
That's it! ^^
I'll try to improve it as there's more moddability options for Raze.
Also suggestions are very welcome as I'm not very good with ZSCript at the moment ^^
Thanks for reading!

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