NoPain for MAPINFO DamageType

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NoPain for MAPINFO DamageType

Post by XLightningStormL »

Basically NoPain or a similar flag for MAPINFO's damagetype declarations, more or less prevents the player (or any actor entity?) from entering a pain state, playing the pain sound effect, or the status bar face grimacing. Would be useful for special custom damage types used in DamageMobj (i.e Thirst, Left For Dead-style healing item temporary health etc)
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Re: NoPain for MAPINFO DamageType

Post by Xtyfe »

Add NoBlood to the list. Would go hand in hand I think
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Re: NoPain for MAPINFO DamageType

Post by Matt »

This sounds like a pain/nopain/overridepainwhatever-style mess waiting to happen, for something that can be fairly easily accomplished in ZScript.

EDIT: I somehow found myself responding to the first reply on this thread and forgot the OP was in fact specfiically about pain. I think that just further establishes my point...

EDIT after the [No]: no offence intended but that's me breathing a huge sigh of relief right now XD
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Re: NoPain for MAPINFO DamageType

Post by Graf Zahl »

No chance that system gets more mess added.

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