Sprite billboarding

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Sprite billboarding

Post by Warden »

A feature I miss from GZDoom is XY sprite billboarding. Duke 64 used this to get around the Paper Mario effect in its 3D renderer, and I've always wished EDuke or now Raze would implement it as an option as well (polymer has it, but that renderer is otherwise unusable). The view pitch is already so constrained in Build that you don't really run into the strange enemy-lying-on-the-floor effect as much, either.

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Re: Sprite billboarding

Post by Plasmazippo »

Bump. Having only Y axis billboarding, after being spoiled by X/Y axis in GZDoom, makes the Raze experience feel incomplete.
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Re: Sprite billboarding

Post by Graf Zahl »

You gotta have to wait until the new renderer is ready. As long as Polymost still needs to be supported this is not really doable. And TBH, compared to other things that still need to be done this is rather low priority.

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