[Art Asset and Palette] SanyaDuke3DTools

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[Art Asset and Palette] SanyaDuke3DTools

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Little known fact about me: I dabbled in Duke 3D modding for a while, so I wrote my own tools, loosely based on art2tga/tga2art. I personally preferred PNG, so I wanted a tool to work with PNGs instead.

These are provided as-is with the hopes that someone can either write these better (I admit, I'm not the best at C/C++ and I'm sure this is not written well) and drop the dependency on FreeImage perhaps. I'm aware SLADE3 is working on better ART asset manipulation though.

I last tested these years ago and I have no idea if it will still compile or whatnot. I did get it working with Visual Studio at one point.

Another thing of note: there's work on a palette tool that works to replace the lookup tables used for recoloring/shading due to how Duke 3D/Build works. However it's been so long since I touched it I forget exactly how it works. The idea was you could use text scripts to define it. There's probably better ways of doing it though nowadays.
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Re: [Art Asset and Palette] SanyaDuke3DTools

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Very helpful Sanya. Thanks for highlighting this. I am sure this will have its uses. :)

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