[Wanton Destruction] WT Painless

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[Wanton Destruction] WT Painless

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Have you ever played Shadow Warrior: Wanton Destruction and wanted to cut off your ears so as to avoid listening to "AW, DAMN YOU!!!!" over and over and over again? Have you ever wanted to wander the streets of the city without being cursed by those mischevious uzi-wielding men?

Then this is the mod for you!

This is an extremely simple mod that modifies the pain sound of the Uzi-wielding enemy from Wanton Destruction, which is I think one of the most annoying, grating sounds in the history of FPS games. It removes the loud and high pitched "Damn you!" line and very slightly lowers the volume overall, resulting in a much more fitting, and most importantly way less aggravating, pain sound. Trust me, shooting those bastards with UZIs will no longer feel like hell on earth with this!

Just drag&drop into Raze and launch Wanton Destruction for this to work. Enjoy!
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